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The story is set in the outskirts of contemporary London against a backdrop of social inequality and the diversity of characters that this produces. Here, two completely different characters, Eric, a young middle-class boy, and Raymone, a washed up and penniless rock star of yesteryear, makes a surprising bond to resolve the issues of bereavement that are weighing down on Eric. In the process Raymone learns more about himself than he expected, that he may have had a wrong set of priorities in life.

The film also examines the unusual emergence of a vanishing age gap in music culture. For the first time in almost a century, youth culture is looking back instead of forward. In the last decade there has been an endless stream of past rock stars making comebacks and eclipsing younger stars and rock bands in popularity, and many new bands are adopting the musical styles of old bands or have chart success with covers of old hits. Unlikely as it may seem, 'old' or 'retro', has become more fashionable than 'new' and the rock stars of the past is attracting a whole new generation of fans. This is in contrast to how previous generations, ever since World War One, always broke with the 'old' and defined their own 'new' identity through music and fashion. This poses an important question, is this a sign of the times and is it also reflected in the social interaction we have with each other, in other words, is the generation gap being bridged?

On the comedy side of things, the film shows the tribulations of being a 'has-been' who long ago squandered every penny he made. Raymone is not one of the lucky ones who's made a succesful comeback and he is a star only in Eric's eyes. As the years has gone by Raymone has become increasingly cynical and grumpy, which makes an uneasy fit for a rock star's personality. He also has to deal with the many illusions that Eric has about him, and trying to live up to them is not easy.


ERIC & RAYMONE is a comedy drama about hero worship, hope, loss and about breaking down social barriers.

Eric is an out-of-control 8-year old boy whose mother has recently passed away from cancer. Eric and his father, George, are both trying to cope with the loss, but are doing so in very different ways. Eric feels alienated by the entire world and hates everyone including his friends and his father. In a further twist, Eric gets involved in petty crime.

Eric's father has to find a way to control his son in order to avoid that he is taken into care by social services. So George seeks advice from a child psychologist who advises him that he must find someone who can reach out to Eric and connect with him, to bring him back from the emotional brink he's on.

It seems an almost impossible task since there isn't anyone Eric doesn't hate. Then it dawns on George that Eric idolises Raymone, a faded rock star from decades ago. So, he sets about tracking down Raymone, who turns out to be an alcoholic and penniless wreck living in a caravan on a farm.

George is a wealthy businessman and makes him an offer he can't refuse. For a considerable sum of money, Raymone is hired to be Eric's friend for a while.

At first Raymone considers himself a reluctant babysitter, but as Eric and Raymone's relationship develops, Raymone becomes attached to the boy.

From the outset, Raymone is of course Eric's hero and he has many illusions about the glamourous lifestyle of his idol, having little knowledge of how fame and fortune comes and goes. More comedy ensues as Raymone is doing his best not to disappoint his only fan.

In the end, the father-and-son relationship becomes more important to Raymone than it is for Eric, since it gives Raymone meaning in life, something which has been missing for so many years.

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